Crock Pot Newbie!


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Hello, I'm Staz. I just cooked my first crock pot meal today (pot roast and carrots) and I've been looking for somewhere to learn the tips and tricks of slow cooking, as well as exchange recipes. Slow cooking really interests me because of how frugal it is. You can throw the odds and ends of leftover vegetables in a pot and end up with several delicious full meals. Since I'm currently in college and looking to buy a new car, saving money is super duper important to me. I've even got one of those little personal sized crock pots so I can cook one meal at a time without worrying about expenses.

Welcome to the crock pot forums! I love saving money and using my crockpot! It is such a blessing to be able to put food into the slow cooker and leave it to slow cook all day long! Looking forward to chatting with you some time here in the forums!