Cattle Shortage to Blame for High Beef Prices

Geri K

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A shortage of cattle is the reason that beef is so high. I was shocked to see the price of corned beef this year.
The USDA projects that farm prices for beef cattle will rise from an average of $1.5252 a pound in 2014 to $1.5754 a pound in 2015 to a high of $1.63 a pound by 2017, before dropping back to $1.5617 by 2024. The price follows the size of the cattle inventory, which the USDA forecasts will post a low of 87.7 million in 2015 before beginning to rise again to more than 94 million in 2024.
Cost of U.S. Beef to Soar by 2017, Says USDA - 24/7 Wall St.