Benefits of Walking for Exercise - Interesting Facts

Barbara G.

Staff member
Walking is inexpensive and the easiest form of exercise. It is equally beneficial for our physical and mental health. Following are some of the key benefits of walking:

· Walking to work can prevent the risk of being overweight. A UK study suggests that walking or cycling to your workplace reduces obesity risk, compared to driving. This also holds true for using public modes of transport for your daily commute.

· Studies have proven that taking a walk (particularly walking in the woods) helps reduce stress levels and strengthens the immune system. A Japanese finding shows that walking in the woods or nature may also help fight cancer.

· Walking in nature within group settings helps fight stress, reduce depression, and improve mental health.

· A study focusing on African American women finds that physical activity, including but not limited to brisk walking, helps reduce risk of breast cancer.

· Apart from health benefits, walking has psychological benefits too. A research published by American Psychological Association claims that taking a walk boosts creativity and leads to resourceful thinking.

· If you live in a “walkable” neighborhood, you are in luck. A study finds that living in areas that are conducive to walking reduces risk of obesity and diabetes. In fact, research claims that people who live in the most walkable areas are more likely to either walk or cycle and less likely to drive.
Walking is a great way to take some time to get into shape. Most days of the year are nice enough to walk whether indoors or out. Some of the bigger cities have malls which many people will walk before shops open which is a wonderful option.
Malls are a great place to walk and even if your area does not have a mall a Super Wal-Mart or Menards are large enough to walk around in. I walk at the YMCA track as much as I can when the weather is bad but prefer to walk outdoors.
I love to walk outdoors if the weather is good for me. I like to feel the fresh air and I always seem to feel better when I can get outside for a while.
Walking with a buddy can also be helpful. When one person does not feel like walking the other person can help be a good motivator.
Walking I love to yet my knees and back now BAD arthritis and I dont take pain pills. I can use a cane for 1/2 a block rest as long as my back doesnt flare up. Bands on knees help I should get one for back.I do have a walker I inherited from son But rather not. I will go to store for 20 mins and wow had enough. I need more water drank in a day 6 - 8 oz ??
Walking with a buddy can also be helpful. When one person does not feel like walking the other person can help be a good motivator.
I totally agree that having a friend to walk with is always better. Having a dog to walk will really keep you motivated also although it can become a chore after a while on cold and wet days when you don't feel like going for a walk but the dog does. :rolleyes:
I also love walking outdoor when weather permits. In the spring and summer I usually walk in the park during lunch.