Benefits of Using Crock Pots & Slow Cookers

Barbara G.

Staff member
Crock pots bring many benefits to individuals these days. Everyone is busy, busy, busy and looking for ways to save time as well as money. Families have children in sports, appointments, and some parents even work two jobs.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits of crock pots, or slow cookers:

  • Crock pots and slow cookers are energy efficient
  • Slow cookers and crock pots use cool cooking (does not heat the house up)
  • The appliances come in different shapes and sizes
  • They are easily portable, especially those made recently
  • Crock pot and slow cooking times are forgivable (if you are 30 minutes late, chances are it will be okay)
  • Preparation of thousands of crock pot and slow cooker recipes are easy
  • Meats can be cooked to juicy and moist while holding great flavor
Do you have other benefits of using a crock pot or slow cooker you would like to share?
Easy clean up
Meals can go right into the refrigerator in the crock pot
Can be purchased cheaply
Lasts for many years
Crockpots make it easy for family members to serve themselves
Less chance of getting burned than with oven cooking
I like that I can prepare crock pot meals in advance by prepping ingredients and freezing them. Just drop them in on a morning when I know I'm going to busy.
I also like that I can use fresh, wholesome ingredients and not have to rely on processed foods to whip up something quick in the evening. It means my family eats a healthier diet.