Beat the Summer Heat


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  1. Stay Well Hydrated - Drink plenty of fluids; if you are sweating a lot, consider sports drinks to replace the salts and minerals.
  2. Cover Up in the Sun - Use sunscreen and wear loose, light-colored clothing as well as a brimmed hat.
  3. Limit Activity During the Hottest Part of the Day - Try not to be participating in outdoor activity during midday, which is the hottest part of the day. Pace yourself if you are exercising in the heat; you should not allow your heart rate to be pounding nor should you allow yourself to feel completely out of breath and gasping for air.
  4. If Indoors, Keep Your House Ventilated - If you are indoors and have no air-conditioning, open windows and use fans to circulate the air.
  5. Don’t Delay Getting Help for Symptoms - If you find yourself or someone else might be suffering from heat-related illness, move to a cooler shady place, lie down, drink some fluids, and call 911.
Remembering to stay hydrated is one of the most important things in the summer! When someone says they're getting a headache, my first question is when was the last time they had water. It helps so much!!
Living in Florida this is something that I always have to pay attention to, especially with the young kids. It is so easy to overheat and it happens quickly, sometimes without even realizing it.
Don't forget to check on elderly family members, friends and neighbors. They can be overcome quickly by the heat and may not be able to request help before succumbing to the heat.
Great advice, Theresa. Also, your animals or neighbor animals. This weekend, since it was a long holiday weekend for many people, I noticed a lot of neighborhood dogs left outside in the heat unattended for longer times than usual while neighbors went to pools or cookouts etc. If you're comfortable and able to, I would bring them water too! I know it can be dangerous to approach a dog you don't know, but just an idea if you're safe!
My brother had a sun stroke when he was younger. He was overly exposed to the summer heat. Since I work indoors it is helpful. I also go to the pool in the evenings. It is a great time to go- most of the families are leaving to go home to eat dinner and the sun is starting to set.