Am also New Here!


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I need diffrent recipes that are money saving, but yet still does not lack viamins and minerals we needs in our diet. I am cooking for me and my father who is on his 80's So nothing to hard he cannot chew of! Really do not know what to say other than I Love Crafting! I like diffrent kinds of things from.plastic canvas, to painting, to bracing and I want to learn to wire wrap! I love the out doors when its not too hot or too cold! If you want to know more just ask!
By the way, I live in between Lancaster and Berks County PA, USA
Can anyone tell me how to add a pic to the profile? Thank you in advance!
Hello and welcome to the crock pot forums! It is a pleasure to meet you and have you here on site with us!

To add a picture, look in the upper right hand corner of the site page where you will see your name. If you place your cursor over your name, you will see some options including "Avatar." Click on avatar and window will open allowing you to choose a file for your picture to be added. Let us know if you need more help and looking forward to hearing more from you here!
Well I tried to follow directions which I am not always the best at and I hope I did it right. Thank you for your help. And nice to meet you.
Looks like you managed to change your picture! Please let us know if you have need of anything else! Glad to help!
Welcome Standingdoe. Most of the food prepared in a crockpot is very soft, taste great and easy to digest. I'm hope your dad likes it.