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    Freezer Meals for the Crock Pot

    I have tried that with meats but it takes so long it just seems to be not worth the wait and trouble to me! I have never tried a complete meal though that may be different!
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    What do you buy online?

    I try to buy everything online! It makes me slow down and think about it rather than grabbing it in the store! I tend to be an impulse shopper so online I can look back and make sure before I purchase! I know that I could do that in the store as well it just works better online for some reason!
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    How much decorations do you put up on your house?

    I so love to decorate for most any holiday! Christmas is the most fun to decorate for! I have always loved Christmas but once my kids were born we went to next level with decorations! This has always been so much fun and so important to our family!
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    Different Ways Of Preparing Pork Chops?

    I actually cook marinades and try them! Something as simple as some butter, broth, salt, pepper, season salt and Heinz 57 sauce or some A1 sauce mixed together and brought to a boil then let it cool and soak pork chops over night. Then you can cook them in the oven. Super simple and they taste...
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    Picky Eaters

    I love the idea of adding butter, I do that too! I use a lot of broth rather than water too! The broth adds taste and moisture to the meals! I use the crockpot 5 days a week and never have any complaints! I even cook spaghetti and chili and those types of things in the crock pot. Just experiment...
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    Super Bowl Crock Menu

    At my house Cheese Dip with Rotel is always needed on any game day! Nothing new or creative just like to commercial says! Velveeta with Rotel mix and serve with chips! They eat on it all day!
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    Best Results For Cooking Raw Meat

    That is nice to know! I have never precooked anything I put in the crock pot. Never really knew it was needed. I will be starting asap! Thanks for the heads up! The idea that it will even taste better is just another win!
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    Yummy crock pot lasagna recipe!

    That sounds amazing and is one of my families favorites! I bet it would be even better in crock pot just never thought of doing it! Thanks for the recipe I will be trying this out this week!!!!
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    Best Crock Pot Meal Ever???

    I may a Roast over the snow break last week and this was by no means the first one I have ever made. But it was the absolute best one ever!!! I didn't really do anything any different to it! Just seasoned it and cooked it longer than normal. Probably twice as long as normal. The outcome was...
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    Hey there!

    Hey there, I am new to the thread! I am a mother and wife and I work! Needless to say I don't have a lot of time! Love Love Love any crock pot recipe I can find! Can't wait to share them and get some new ones here!