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    Please Read Before Posting - Slow Cooker Recipes Forum Section

    Read and will Try to be a regular member. Have a Great Summer. Senior Cook
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    Anone Have Their Gardens Started Yet?

    Geri K hows that Garden Growing??. Minnesota we are slow. Onion, carrots, radish, beans & cukes just pop up, squash is ??? not yet. Good Luck. Oh Tomatoes in today or Thursday.
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    Welcome to the Slow Cooker & Crock Pot Community!!

    Hi Im Not new Just Been Away. Im so Happy to be Back and its been a struggle for me I missed Barbara and all the great members here. Learn a lot ...even at my age. Crock Pot is Great on Hot Summer Days so get them Going. Ty Senior Cook
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    Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

    Simple and yet so pretty. Some times I add glitter on, not real fine a courser one.
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    Benefits of Low Sodium Diet

    Seems I spend more time reading any new item I buy. Im use to a box now I see what goes in it and make from scratch. I have time , fun to do , yes cookings fun when you dont have responsible little ones??
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    Benefits of Vitamin D for the Body (13 Benefits)

    yes Im aware of these Vitamin D . Im low on D so Im taking Vitamin D3 for a while. Watching food of course are top priority. TY for sharing.
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    Benefits of Walking for Exercise - Interesting Facts

    Walking I love to yet my knees and back now BAD arthritis and I dont take pain pills. I can use a cane for 1/2 a block rest as long as my back doesnt flare up. Bands on knees help I should get one for back.I do have a walker I inherited from son But rather not. I will go to store for 20 mins...
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    Tips for Sugar-free Cooking

    Wow I just check a Healty drink of Drink my son drinks and showed how much sugar was in it naturally. Amazing.
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    Benefits of Vitamin D for the Body (13 Benefits)

    Christine Im so happy about your Dentist. At my age and problems all my life mine 9Dentist took mine all out 3 years ago. Doing ok But nothing like your own. Happy Holidays
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    Key Health Benefits of Spinach

    I also did not know about spinich &choelestrol. Fabulous, TY ! and Barbi TY for such interesting things that are so needed. I love Spinch. seniorcook !
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    How Did Your Tomatoes Do This Summer?

    Thank You I will stick to the other 2, appreciate the Note on Tami G. I will do less ---maybe next year Larrys eating less. I could do Freeze meals tho I suppose.
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    Low Fat Recipes: EASY Cabbage Casserole in the Crock Pot

    Hello! Well I did the Famous barbara Cabbage recipe. I did add carrots & fresh celery tips & fresh garden onions, DRLICIOUS ans had slices Tomatoes & Cukes for side. My 90yr young Larry watched Video & Me seeing is I was doing it OK. SMILE!! a Lot. He even cleaned up dishes. So Family CrockPot...
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    How Did Your Tomatoes Do This Summer?

    My Cherry's were Sweet 100 ans Sun Gold They still are going strong. Tami G size wise how do they compare + sweet / tart ? Like to find seed for them -- next year.
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    Low Fat Recipes: EASY Cabbage Casserole in the Crock Pot

    barbara Thank you for Cabbage Casserole. Have a head now on hand and we love rice, fresh garden beans, carrots if it does'nt call for them I will add ?? I am hungry as I type. mmmmm more Saturday about this Meal?
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    How To Request Crockpot Recipes

    Thank You barbara and I do have a request and will go check CPRF.